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Ana Kolega


Ana Kolega was born on August 6, 1975 in Zadar, Croatia. After graduating from high school, she left her hometown and studied in Zagreb.

„I paint my personal view of the world.“

She graduated from the Faculty of Textile Technology with a focus on textile design in 1997 and the Academy of Fine Arts in 2002 in the class of Prof. Ante Rašić. In addition to independent works of art, which have led to numerous exhibitions throughout the Republic of Croatia (mainly in Zadar, Dubrovnik, and Zagreb), she was also involved in educational work as director of art workshops for children and adults. She is currently professor for drawing and painting at the University of Textiles and Design in Zagreb and an illustrator for literary words and sound carriers for children and adults.

„I paint my personal view of the world. If these are not my experiences, then they are the experiences of some people who have touched or impressed me. This view is often funny, but it also has a certain melancholy,“ says the painter who communicates with the world through her works.

Nur mit dir höre ich keine Vögel
Ich bewahre dich für immer
Begeisterte Diva